Security Estates

Allsound provide dedicated guarding, security and monitoring services to Security Estates

Typically integrating into a homeowner or residents association, Allsound Security provide permanent staffing, alarm and CCTV installation and monitoring services and patrols of Security Estates.

Usually these type of locations feature an entry/exit security system that requires a security guard to be present, whether to check and register vehicle and pedestrian movement, or simply to provide a watchful eye.

Guarding Services

Security guards for physical placement either at the entrance to or within the confines of a security estate


CCTV Installation and monitoring at Security Estates, providing a 24 hour watchful eye

Armed Response

Firearms-trained security guards for an immediate reactive response to any situation

24hr Monitoring

Residential and business alarms monitored 24x7 by our Control Room in Knysna

Let us partner with your security estate

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