PHCA OWLS Neighbourhood Watch have for several years, worked in close partnership with Allsound Security for provision of security services for our community effort.

Individual households are still responsible for contracting security services for their own homes (rented or owned), while Allsound provides us as the N/H Watch with a broader package of security provisions, ranging from hosting and monitoring CCTV cameras to providing response backup to support threats and intrusions in our area. Combined, this gives us a comprehensive neighbourhood security blanket that we have found invaluable.

We have always found Allsound most willing and compassionate in carrying out their service. They pay close attention to services contracted and respond timeously when needed. They often go the extra mile in responding to needs that they are not even obliged to cover. We have found they do this through a vision of empathy toward their community.

We have no doubt that Allsound are key to our local security status, and firmly believe that we would be far less secure without them.

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