We would like to thank the staff of AllSound Security for the excellent & courageous service they have given us over the 20 years we have lived in Knysna. We will miss your personal touch in Cape Town.

Mr & Mrs Newby

We have really enjoyed the peace of mind AllSound gave us over the years and the effectiveness of your team is stunning.

Regards and best wishes

Lex Faure

Dear Allsound Team

I have no words enough to express the gratitude I have to the response team lead by Mr de Bruin and Mr Knight and the ladies at the control room, THANK YOU. The work you do for the community of Knysna only the good Lord can reward. 

Be Blessed. 


Ms Gwala

Goeie dag,

Ek wil net dankie se vir die diens wat Allsound lewer in Knysna.  Oral waar mens gaan hoor mens net goeie dinge oor die wonderlike diens en goeie response time.

Baie dankie



I am writing to say a huge thank you for all the assistance given on Sunday morning regarding one of our residents. A particular thank you to Hugh Knight, Jason and Roger from armed response. You were incredibly kind to have gone above and beyond to assist in not only finding the person but staying with her until I arrived. Allsound are always the first to respond with such professionalism. A big thank you to everyone involved.

Andy & Catriona – Brenton

Hi Declan

I am truly grateful for Allsound’s quick response to my property. It makes us feel safe with you guys around. It’s unbelievable how quick response was and the guys conducted themselves in a very professional manner. Kudos

Steff Pepler – Heuwelkruin

I’m sending this to you to pass onto the relevant members involved this morning.

As I am sure you are aware there was an incident this morning. The camera footage shows how bad it actually was but thankfully the fire put itself out otherwise it would have been far worse, and I shudder at the thought of it.

Robbie and I would like to thank all involved for your quick response this morning to the situation. I saw on the cameras there were quite a few of your staff here and they were looking all over for the source of the smoke. A huge thank you to all of you, Knysna sure is in safe hands. Much appreciated.

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Loren & Robbie – Bevan Engineering

PHCA OWLS Neighbourhood Watch have for several years, worked in close partnership with Allsound Security for provision of security services for our community effort.

Individual households are still responsible for contracting security services for their own homes (rented or owned), while Allsound provides us as the N/H Watch with a broader package of security provisions, ranging from hosting and monitoring CCTV cameras to providing response backup to support threats and intrusions in our area. Combined, this gives us a comprehensive neighbourhood security blanket that we have found invaluable.

We have always found Allsound most willing and compassionate in carrying out their service. They pay close attention to services contracted and respond timeously when needed. They often go the extra mile in responding to needs that they are not even obliged to cover. We have found they do this through a vision of empathy toward their community.

We have no doubt that Allsound are key to our local security status, and firmly believe that we would be far less secure without them.

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Ray Ferguson – OWLS PHCA Chairman

I would like to state that Eastford Glen (incorporating Eastford Vale and the Cove) have benefitted hugely from Allsound’s technical and logistical advise over the last 14 months. Advice that leads to the implementation of over 20 surveillance cameras on our estate. These cameras range from thermal 400m optics to Infrared short wide-angled vision ability. Allsound has done a wonderful job with the installation, monitoring and response to these cameras boasting a burglary free period in Eastford Glen since camera installation.

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Giles – Eastford

We have been working with Allsound for the past 10 years building a sustainable Neighbourhood watch project. A key aspect of our success has been the support we have received from Allsound. For 10 years their professional and competent teams have help us develop as the Security landscape has changed over the years, from basic patrols to new Artificial Intelligence camera technology.

They have done this by always being available to review they way we operate, attending our meetings; sharing information, giving wise counsel, supporting our patrollers and community and helping us with projects. In particular it must be mentioned that the support has not only been from the senior manages but all the way down to the AllSound patrollers on the ground.

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Tony Rischbieter – Brenton Owls NHW